Whimseybox – October 2013

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Whimseybox and I, we’ve had out ups and downs. But after being disappointed in last month’s project I really liked the idea behind what was in the October box. The theme this month was “Sew All The Things!” and included materials and instructions for some cute hand-sewn felt accessories.

Whimseybox - October 2013

The box contained the following items:

Whimseybox - October 2013 - contents

My biggest complaint with Whimseybox in the past has been that I felt very limited by the materials provided. With the beaded bracelet of the August box I wished they would’ve included more types of beads so that I could’ve some options in what my final product would look like and could be more creative. I feel similar about this month’s box.

I get and I appreciate that Whimseybox wanted to provide high quality materials in the form of wool felt instead of acrylic. However, I can get felt at about 30 cents per sheet at my local craft store so this type of felt costs about ten times more. I wish that the money had instead gone to provide a bit more variety in materials so that I could have a choice in what colors to pair together to make my accessories. In addition, the value of the box came in at just under $11 so there was definitely some room to include additional materials.

Overall, I repeatedly felt like I haven’t gotten my money’s worth with Whimseybox. In addition, I either haven’t liked the project or it hasn’t allowed me to be as creative as I would’ve liked. I still think that this is a great box for someone who maybe wants to try  their hands at crafts for the first time and don’t have as much experience. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me. Therefore, I decided to cancel my subscription for the time being. I plan on keeping an eye on the monthly projects and if anything strikes my fancy there is always the option to buy an individual box, albeit at a slightly higher price.

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Whimseybox – September 2013

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For me a crafts project has to be either cute or useful. Ideally it would be both. Unfortunately, the September’s Whimseybox totally missed the mark on both accounts. I received the box last week but I have to admit that I was so disappointed with this month’s project that I couldn’t bring myself to write a review earlier. I basically opened the box, took one look, closed it again, and put it in a corner. However, I thought I should give you a chance to judge the September Whimseybox for yourself.

The project of this month’s box was a macrame wall hanging (click here for the project instructions). Tastes differ so some people may like this type of decoration but it’s just not for me. As an alternative project, Whimseybox has provided additional instructions for a macrame plant hanger online. More useful but still doesn’t fit my style.

As usual the presentation was impeccable. Loved the matching hot pink ribbon and tissue paper and the “Creativity is intelligence having fun” print.

Whimseybox - September 2013 - box

The box included the following items:

Whimseybox - September 2013 - contents

The bonus wooden tags were probably my favorite thing in the box. I’m not quite sure yet what I would use them for. I like the suggestion of using them on mason jars. It looks really cute. Maybe I’ll make a few of Kayleigh’s Cake in a Jar or Cookie Mixes in a Jar as Christmas presents. The tags would be prefect for that kinda thing.

As you can see the total value came in at under $10 which is very disappointing considering that I paid $15 for the box. That includes the value of the bonus wooden tags. If I exclude this item from my calculation, the value would be about half of what I paid. I could excuse the low value of the box if I would love the project but since that isn’t the case this box was just all around a big let-down.

I plan on giving Whimseybox one more chance (or two) but if things continue this way I will cancel my subscriptions. I had such high hopes for this subscription service so I’m really bummed out about it.

What do you guys think of the macrame wall hanger project? Do you know of any crafting subscription box that has better projects than Whimseybox?


Alicia from the Whimseybox team kindly contacted me about this month’s Whimseybox (see the comments below). She pointed out to me that I grossly underestimated the value of the paracord. I apologize for my mistake. The true value is closer to $9 and as such the value of the box (excluding the bonus item) comes in at about what I paid for it. Now that I know what this kind of cord is called I found some cool projects to try with it. I’ll make sure to put the items in this month’s Whimseybox to good use.

Whimseybox – August 2013

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I received my first Whimseybox in the mail over a week ago but I’ve been holding off writing my review about it. Rather late than never I suppose so here we go.

When I opened the inner carton I was really impressed by the presentation. The contents were packaged beautifully; wrapped in Tiffany blue tissue paper and matching ribbon. On top was a card with a really cute art print that contained the instructions for the project.

Wimseybox - August 2013 - packaging

The theme for this month’s box was “Bead All The Things.” It contained items to make a few beaded wrap bracelets. When I untied the ribbon and opened up the tissue paper the contents were nicely arranged on a bed of shredded paper – again very beautiful.

Wimseybox - August 2013 - box inside

These were the items included in the box:

Wimseybox - August 2013 - contents

Here are the pros: I really liked the craft idea. The beads and leather cord colors are fairly neutral so the finished product has the potential to look less DIY and more fashionable. I also loved the sayings on the pencils, my favorite being “Makers Gonna Make.”

Now let’s talk about the cons. One minor complaint is that the beads aren’t very high quality. They’re all different sizes and that doesn’t work well with my OCD.

What irked me the most about this box is all the nick nacks that were included. They meant it when they said that the boxes contain everything needed for the project. But really, to go as far as to include the clipboard and the binder clips is overkill. It would’ve been totally sufficient to mention those in the instructions as suggestions. If you by any chance don’t have those items then it’s no big deal. We’re crafters after all. We’re creative. We’ll figure something out. I’d much rather see more leather bands and a wider choice of bead colors and shapes instead of having the clipboard and binder clips included.

The total value of the box came out to be just under $18 and I paid $10 with a coupon ($15 full price). That’s not a bad deal but in reality half of the contents are just gimmicks and that’s kinda disheartening. For me it totally takes away from the beauty of the presentation and the overall idea of the box and it left me somewhat disappointed in my first Whimseybox.

Are you a Whimseybox subscriber? What did you think of this month’s project?

Subscription Boxes In The Spotlight: Whimseybox

This is part of a series about subscription boxes where I’ll introduce the box services I subscribe to, my general opinion of them, as well as some other ones that I find interesting and would consider subscribing.

Subscription boxes – Whimseybox

“Stop Pinning Start Making” – that’s the tag line of Whimseybox. Whimseybox is a monthly subscription box service for craft projects. Each box contains all the necessary items as well as detailed instructions for one specific project. The cost is $15/month including shipping.

When you create your profile they ask you about your crafting interest but I don’t think that your answers influence what craft projects your receive. It’s also not clear if there are several different boxes each month or if every subscriber receives the same box (I think the latter is the case). Whimseybox won’t tell you what’s in your box before they ship. However, they send you an email with your tracking number when they ship the box and I was a little disappointed to see that they included a link with more information about the project. That totally took the surprise out of it. The boxes ship at the end of the month and I received mine within a few days since I live just one state over from where it shipped.

The content of each box are packed very nicely. It comes wrapped in tissue paper and color-coordinated ribbon. The box is accompanied by an art print that has the instructions on the back. The items themselves are securely packaged on shredded paper bedding so things won’t fly around.

One thing I liked about the packaging is that the inside box is designed to be reusable. It has a spot for a label and each box contains a sticker to use for that purpose. It’s a good size to store your crafting supplies. Apparently in the past these boxes were even fancier with magnetic closures and label brackets. However, I’ve read that they have changed their pricing quite a few times and I get the impression that they’re still trying to figure out how much people are willing to pay and what is cost-effective in that price range.

Subscription boxes – Whimseybox - inside box

Since this month was my first month I can’t really judge the quality or the value of the items yet. However, I get the feeling that the total value of the items is close to what you pay for the box. That’s ok in my book because for me it’s more important to try a new craft, get some inspiration and tools I wouldn’t normally think to purchase.

Are you a Whimseybox subscriber? What do you think about it?